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01-02-2009, 11:10 PM
Posted By: <b>Aaron Conyers</b><p>Post your Boxing Card Want Lists here. Hoping some collectors may be able find some cards through this thread.<br><br>I'm looking for the following:<br><br>CDV's &amp; Cabinets (Sayers, Heenan, Mace, Morrissey, Langham, King etc.....)<br><br>N174 Old Judge<br><br>Jack Dempsey (Portrait) and (Holding Top Hat &amp; Cane)<br>Peter Jackson<br>John L. Sullivan (Boxing Pose)(Old Judge at top)<br>Bob Fitzsimmons<br>Jem Mace<br>Jem Smith<br><br>N332 Hess<br><br>Jack Dempsey<br>John L. Sullivan<br>George Godfrey<br>Nat Langham<br><br>N184 Kimball<br><br>Sullivan (upgrade)<br><br>N310 Mayo<br><br>Jim Corbett<br><br>N566 Newsboy Cabinets<br><br>John L. Sullivan<br>Bob Fitzsimmons<br><br>N162 Old Judge<br><br>John L. Sullivan (upgrade)<br><br>N269 Lorillards Mechanics Delight<br><br>John L. Sullivan<br>Jack Dempsey (upgrade)<br><br>N266 Lorillards<br><br>Sullivan/Corbett<br>Fitzsimmons/Dempsey (upgrade)<br>Jackson/Slavin (upgrade)<br><br>I can be contacted at aaroncerin@aol.com<br><br><br><br>

01-03-2009, 11:28 AM
Posted By: <b>Jim Heffron</b><p>Aaron, your wantlist is impressive. Good luck! My collecting experience has told me to be careful about wantlists because it teaches villainous competitors rarity factors. But I also learned that there are many more cards out there than people realize. I am looking for two E80(redback's)Hart and Jeffries. Will pay or trade generously. <br><br>Jim.Heffron@cox.net

01-03-2009, 09:03 PM
Posted By: <b>writehooks</b><p><br>No. 1 on my want list is the Mayo Cut Plug of Mysterious Billy Smith.<br>I'll also purchase or trade for cards or ephemera of George LaBlanche, Jack Renault, Arthur Pelkey, Luther McCarty.<br><br>Thanks.<br><br>e-mail to: trailonice@yahoo.com

01-03-2009, 11:01 PM
Posted By: <b>Aaron Conyers</b><p>Thanks Jim, I'm sure I will need some luck to find most of the cards on my wantlist. I'm happy to pick up cards when I get the opportunity. But I know it takes patience with some of these tougher issues. <br>

01-05-2009, 11:44 AM
Posted By: <b>boxingcardman</b><p>Here are the cards I have available for trade. The cards are not for sale at present unless you are offering me a price on everything or a ridiculously high price on a &quot;gotta have it&quot; card. Scans of all are available. I am looking for similar condition cards from some of the same sets and also for cards from other sets, so LMK what you have to trade:<br><br>N174 Old JudgeDempsey, Jack20 fSGC<br>N174 Old JudgeRyan, Paddy50 vg-exSGC<br>N174 Old JudgeRyan, Paddy20 fSGC<br>Fox CabinetBob Fitzsimmonsf<br>N-269 LorillardJimmy Elliot2 gPSA<br>N-269 LorillardPete McCoy20 fSGC<br>N-269 LorillardTommy Warrenp<br>N28 Allen &amp; GinterCarney, Jimmy50 vg-exSGC<br>N28 Allen &amp; GinterCarroll, Jimmy30 gSGC<br>N28 Allen &amp; GinterDempsey, Jack40 vgSGC<br>N28 Allen &amp; GinterKilrain, Jake40 vgSGC<br>N28 Allen &amp; GinterLannon, Joe84 nmSGC<br>N28 Allen &amp; GinterMcAuliffe, Jack40 vgSGC<br>N28 Allen &amp; GinterMitchell, Charlie30 gSGC<br>N28 Allen &amp; GinterSmith, Jem50 vg-exSGC<br>N28 Allen &amp; GinterWeir, Ike50 vg-exSGC<br>A-18 A &amp; G album pageEdwards-McGee-Murphy-LaBlanchevg<br>N-184 W.S. KimballCardiff, Patsy w/o legend40 vgSGC<br>N-184 W.S. KimballSullivan, John L. w/legend40 vgSGC<br>N-29 Allen &amp; GinterEdwards, Billy20 fSGC<br>N-29 Allen &amp; GinterMcGee, Jack50 vg-exSGC<br>N-29 Allen &amp; GinterLa Blanche, Geo.30 gSGC<br>N-29 Allen &amp; GinterMurphy, Johnny30 gSGC<br>N-29 Allen &amp; GinterKerrigan, Patsyf<br>N-29 Allen &amp; GinterHavlin, Jack6.5 ex-mt+GAI<br>N-43 Allen &amp; GinterDuffy, Patsey50 vg-exSGC<br>N-43 Allen &amp; GinterKerrigan, Patsy50 vg-exSGC<br>N-43 Allen &amp; GinterLaBlanche, Geo.50 vg-exSGC<br>N-43 Allen &amp; GinterMcGee, Jack70 ex+SGC<br>N-43 Allen &amp; GinterMurphy, Frank70 ex+SGC<br>Stevengraph SilkSullivan, John L. detached<br>Stevengraph SilkSullivan, John L. <br>Stevengraph SilkSmith, Jem<br>Stevengraph SilkKilrain, Jake<br>N-79 Poor BoysKilrain, Jakevg<br>N-332 S.F. HessHavlin, Jack30 gSGC<br>N-266 LorillardLeft Hand Cross Counter Dawson Needhamvg<br>N-266 LorillardInfighting DeBaum Campbellg<br>N-266 LorillardInfighting DeBaum Campbellf<br>N-266 LorillardLeft Hand Lead and Duck Hall Pritchardf<br>N-266 LorillardLeft Lead Slip and Counter Chambers Clarkf-g<br>N-266 LorillardDuck and Stomach Blow Murphy Weirf-g<br>N-266 LorillardBody Blow and Duck Frazer Dalyp-f<br>N-266 LorillardHit and Stop McAuliffe Myersp<br>Anonymous CDVJem Carneyvg-ex<br>Anonymous CDVPaddy Ryanp<br>N-566 NewsboyCorbett50 vg-exSGC<br>N-566 NewsboyJackson, Peter40 vgSGC<br>Schnieber cabinetCorbett with his dogsvg<br>T218Gans, Joenm 7PSA<br>T218Gans, Joevg-ex 50SGC<br>T218Jeffries fightingex+ 70SGC<br>T218Sullivan, Mike (Twin)ex+ 70SGC<br>T219 Miners ExtraDelmont, Al10 poorSGC<br>T219 Miners ExtraGoodman, Abe40 vgSGC<br>T219 Miners ExtraJeanette, Joe10 poorSGC<br>T219 Miners ExtraLewis, Harry30 goodSGC<br>T219 Miners ExtraLewis, Willie20 fairSGC<br>T219 Miners ExtraNeil, Frankie30 goodSGC<br>T219 Miners ExtraPapke, Billy20 fairSGC<br>T219 HLCKline, Patsey30 gSGC<br>T219 HLCMcGovern, Phil40 vgSGC<br>T219 HLCNelson, Dick30 gSGC<br>T219 HLCPapke, Billy4 vg-exPSA<br>T219 HLCStone, Harry5 exPSA<br>T219 HLCSullivan, Mike (Twin)40 vgSGC<br>T-226 Red Sun Lewis, Willie50 vg-exSGC<br>T-226 Red Sun Gardner, Jimmie60 exSGC<br>T223 Dixie QueenBurns, Tommy40 vgSGC<br>T223 Dixie QueenErne30 gSGC<br>T223 Dixie QueenHeenan v. Sayers30 gSGC<br>T223 Dixie QueenMoore, Pal40 vgSGC<br>T223 Dixie QueenSullivan, John L.30 gSGC<br>E77Ad Wolgast, Lightweight60 exSGC<br>E77Al Kaufman, Heavyweight20 fairSGC<br>E77Billy Papke, Middleweight10 poorSGC<br>E77Harry Lewis, welterweight40 vgSGC<br>E77Leo Houck, Welterweight50 vg-exSGC<br>E77Porky Flynn, Middleweight50 vg-exSGC<br>E77Sam Langford, Heavyweight30 gSGC<br>E77Sandy Ferguson, Heavyweight40 vgSGC<br>E77Stanley Ketchel, Light Heavyweight40 vgSGC<br>E77Tommy Burns, Heavyweight40 vgSGC<br>E77Young Erne, Lightweight30 gSGC<br>E79Young Corbett40 vgSGC<br>E79Marto v. Nelson40 vgSGC<br>E78 Jim Jeffries10 poorSGC<br>E78 Burke, Sailor20 fairSGC<br>E78 Erne, Young10 poorSGC<br>E75Jack Johnson40 vgSGC<br>E75Jim Corbett50 vg-exSGC<br>E76Sullivan20 fSGC<br>E211King Tut20 fSGC<br>Unc Jeffries Playing Bob Fitzsimmons86 nm+SGC<br>Topps AdventureJack Johnson86 nm+SGC<br>Topps AdventureJoe Louis92 nmmt+SGC<br>Topps AdventureJim Jeffries8 nm-mtPSA<br>Topps AdventureMax Baer86 nm+SGC<br>Topps RingsideWalcottautographedBVG<br>Topps RingsideCarterautographedBVG<br>Topps RingsideSandy SaddlerautographedBVG<br>Topps RingsideTony ZaleautographedBVG<br>Topps RingsideToweelautographed<br>Topps RingsideRay RobinsonautographedPSA/DNA<br>Topps RingsideRuby GoldsteinautographedBVG<br>Topps RingsideAmbersautographedBVG<br>Topps RingsideDocusenautographed<br>Topps RingsideBerlenbachautographedBVG<br><br><br>Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc

10-26-2009, 09:58 AM
Hi everyone, Just a quick post to let you know about an online auction this Wednesday, Oct 28 at 12:00 noon EST for 30 N269 Lorillard Mechanic's Delight boxing cards: #'s 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, and 45.

It's at liveauctioneers, here's the link:



10-27-2009, 09:48 AM
E76 Munroe; E77 Coulon and Langford; N269 LaBlanche; T9 Coulon; T225 Coulon; T226 Langford; T227 Coulon; Jeffries Playing Cards: Jeffries vs. Munroe and Burns vs. Squires; Leaf: Dempsey, Johnson, Schmeling; Ringside: Willard, Jeffries, Fitzsimmons, Walcott-Charles; Tunney.

Thanks. E-mail to: trailonice@yahoo.com