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12-21-2008, 11:09 PM
Posted By: <b>Pete</b><p>I am a Jack Dempsey everything collector. I have the following and want every card to complete the set. I prefer graded but will take anything if I do not have it. I will trade other boxing I have for them as well as baseball, football, and hockey as well as coins.<br><br><br>Jack Dempsey:<br><br>W580 Strip Card Jack Dempsey EX-NM<br>W??? Strip card Jack Dempsey<br>1935 Sports Kings Gum Goudy Gum Co. Jack Dempsey POOR<br>1887 N184 W.S. KIMBALL JACK DEMPSEY PSA AUTHENTIC<br>1923 German Boxing Transfers Jack Dempsey PSA 6 EX-MT<br>1923 The Rocket Dempsey/Carpentier Famous Knock-Outs #6 PSA 5 EX<br>1923 The Rocket Dempsey/Carpentier Famous Knock-Outs #6 SGC 40 VG<br>1926 Spalding Champion Jack Dempsey PSA 6<br>1926 W512 #41 Jack Dempsey SGC 10 Poor<br>1927 W560 Jack Dempsey SGC 60 EX<br>1928 Jasmatzi #1 Jack Dempsey SGC 50 VG/EX<br>1928 Ogden's Cigarettes #15 Jack Dempsey Pugilists In Action SGC 50 VG/EX<br>1928 Union Jack Union Jack Monarchs Of The Ring #6 Jack Dempsey SGC 50 VG/EX<br>1928 WA&amp;AC Churchman Men Of The Moment (Small) #13 Jack Dempsey PSA 5 EX<br>1929 Godfrey Phillips - Jack Dempsey # 15 - SGC 70<br>1938 Churchman's #12 Jack Dempsey Boxing Personalities SGC 60 EX x2<br>1947 D.Cummings &amp; Son Famous Fighters #50 Jack Dempsey PSA 5 EX<br>1948 Leaf Gum Co. #1 Jack Dempsey SGC 30 Good<br>1948 Topps Magic Photos #8A Jack Dempsey BVG 3 Very Good<br>1948 Topps Magic Photos #8A Jack Dempsey SGC 60 EX<br>1954 A.B.C. Chewing Gum Ltd. All Sports #116 Jack Dempsey BVG 3 Very Good<br>1956 Topps Adventure #34 Jack Dempsey BVG 7 Near Mint<br>1967 Panini Campioni Dello Sport Jack Dempsey #483 PSA 8 NM-MT<br>1991 All World 2 #71 Jack Dempsey BGS 9.5<br><br>#116 1954 Boxing A.&amp; B.C. Gum All-Sport Series<br>#299 1953 A &amp; J DONALDSON JACK DEMPSEY SPORT FAVOURITES<br>#57 1951 BAYTCH BROS. JACK DEMPSEY FIGHTING FAVOURITES<br>#26 1938 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Cartledge Razor Famous Prize Fighters<br>#15 1938 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Churchman's Cigarettes <br>#13 1928 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Churchman's Cigarettes Men Of The Moment In Sport<br>#12 1938 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Churchman's Cigarettes Boxing Personalities<br>#6 1923 THE ROCKET DEMPSEY/CARPENTIER FAMOUS KNOCK-OUTS <br>#50 1949 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY D. Cummings &amp; Son Famous Fighters<br>1923 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY German Transfers<br>#15 1929 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Godfrey Phillips, Ltd. Sporting Champions<br>#34 1956 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Gum Products, Inc. Adventure<br>#158 1929 JOSETTI CIGARETTE JACK DEMPSEY THE WORLD IN PICTURES <br>#125 1991 KAYO JACK DEMPSEY <br>#1 1948 LEAF JACK DEMPSEY <br>1945 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Leister Game Co. <br>#15 1928 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Ogden's Cigarettes Pugilists In Action<br>#483 1967-68 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Panini <br>1926 SPALDING CHAMPION JACK DEMPSEY AD BACK <br>#17 1933 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Sport Kings Gum<br>1926 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Sports Co. of America<br>#6 1923 Boxing DEMPSEY/CARPENTIER The Rocket <br>#39 1954 Boxing DEMPSEY/ WILLARD Topps Scoops<br>#8 1948 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Topps Magic Photo<br>#6 1923 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY Union Jack Monarchs Of The Ring<br>#N184 1887 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY W.S. Kimball Champions<br>#41 1926 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY W512<br>1927 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY W560 <br>1923 Boxing JACK DEMPSEY W580 <br>#13 1928 WA&amp;AC CHURCHMAN JACK DEMPSEY MEN OF THE MOMENT-SMALL <br><br>I also collect Joe Louis:<br>Joe Louis:<br><br>1935 J.A.Pattreiouex Sporting Events And Stars #56 Joe Louis SGC 80 EX/NM<br>1938 Churchman's #26 Joe Louis Boxing Personalities SGC 80 EX/NM<br>1938 F.C. Cartledge Famous Prize Fighters #30 Joe Louis PSA 8 NM-MT<br>1947 D.Cummings &amp; Son Famous Fighters #1 Joe Louis PSA 4 VG-EX<br>1945 Leister Game Co. Joe Louis SGC 88 NM/MT<br>1945 Leister Game Co. Joe Louis BVG 6 EX-MT<br>1950 Kiddy's Favourites Popular Boxers #14 Joe Louis SGC 20 Fair<br>1951 Topps Ringside #88 Joe Louis SGC 50 VG/EX<br>1954 Topps Scoops #40 Joe Louis SGC 70 EX+<br>1956 Topps Adventure #41 Joe Louis BVG 6 EX-MT<br>1957 Sweetule Products Famous Sports Records #21 (Blue Back) Joe Louis SGC 96 Mint<br>#56 1935 JA.PATTREIOUEX SPORTING EVENTS &amp; STARS JOE LOUIS <br>#30 1938 F.C. CARTLEDGE RAZOR FAMOUS PRIZE FIGHTERS JOE LOUIS <br>1938 WA&amp;AC CHURCHMAN BOXING PERSONALITIES JOE LOUIS <br>#2 1945 AUTOGRAPHS GAME JOE LOUIS<br>#1 1947 D. CUMMINGS &amp; SON FAMOUS FIGHTERS JOE LOUIS<br>#14 1950 KIDDYS FAVOURITE JOE LOUIS POPULAR BOXERS <br>#88 1951 TOPPS RINGSIDE JOE LOUIS <br>#40 1954 TOPPS SCOOP NEW CHAMP JOE LOUIS <br>#41 1956 ADVENTURE LOUIS THE BROWN BOMBER <br>#21 1957 SWEETULE PRODUCTS SPORTS RECORDS (BLUE BACK) JOE LOUIS <br>#480 1967 PANINI CAMPIONI DELLO SPORT JOE LOUIS<br><br><br>I will also trade these:<br>Certified Autographed Baseballs:<br>Miguel Cabrera /12 GameUsed Fleer Legacy<br>Miguel Cabrera /12 OpeningDay Fleer Legacy<br>