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10-05-2007, 12:03 PM
Posted By: <b>steve</b><p>When looking at the Payton set registry at the PSA 9 level:<br /><br />1. The 1976 rookie is very, very, very, plentiful - why the big prices when not at all rare - are soooo many people into the 'rookie' thing ? And the registry gives it a 10 weight, wow.<br /><br />2. The 1979 card - is sneaky low population, should be weighted higher. Go ahead, try to find a nicely centered 9 grade - you're going to look a long time. Not like the rookie you can pick up almost any week.<br /><br />3. The 1984 and 1985 cards are the toughest of them all - yet PSA only weights them a "lofty" 1 weight - go figure.<br /><br />4. Albeit easy, but why the 1988 card not in the registry?<br /><br />Just observations from a Payton junkie. Steve.<br />

10-05-2007, 03:33 PM
Posted By: <b>Jason L</b><p>When you find out good answers to those questions, please let me know!<br />I agree on all points.<br />I currently have the #8 set, and I am looking for a day when I can afford to upgrade my 8s to 9s in the previously mentioned years (77, 79, 84, and 85)...<br /><br />And I don't know why the 1988 isn't in the set...maybe we should contact PSA about that...is that one technically just a "record-breaker?"<br /><br />That 1984 & 1985 difficulty snuck up on me...I had no idea. but you are right, try to find them! it's almost worth buying unopened material to try and find a few

10-05-2007, 05:07 PM
Posted By: <b>andy becker</b><p>.....does the payton set include the tougher early payton issues? <br />such as.....<br />-1976 saga disc, (rookie) crane disc counterpart....but much, much tougher.<br />-1978 holsum bread<br />-1977 topps mexican<br /><br />all three of those issue are tough, especially in high grade. i'm just wondering how those are weighted, if they are included.<br /><br />

10-14-2007, 02:37 PM
Posted By: <b>Mike</b><p>Andy,<br /><br />Those 3 cards are included in the Payton "Master Set", and are weighted a 10, 7, and 10.<br /><br />Most of the bigger stars on the PSA set registry have a "basic issue set" that includes just the mainstream cards, then they also have a "Master set" which includes all of the players cards that were issued during his career. (I'm not a player collector, so I'm really not 100% sure if it's always limited to just their playing years ... but it's something like that?)<br /><br />They do the same thing with some of the mainstream sets too. For instance in the 1957 Topps set; the basic set only needs one checklist card and doesn't include the Sherman error card ... while the Master set needs both the Twin Blony and Bazooka checklists, along with the Sherman error card to be 100% complete.<br /><br /><br />Mike<br /><br /><br /><br />

10-15-2007, 12:24 PM
Posted By: <b>andy becker</b><p>thanks mike......i appreciate the info.<br />best,<br />andy