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11-13-2007, 10:01 PM
Posted By: <b>James Gallo</b><p>Guys I haven't posted here before and mostly stick to pre-war, however I came across a collection of 250+ 52 topps cards and I want to become more educated about the set.<br /><br />Most of the cards would be in the 2-5/6 grade range so nothing super high grade and no high numbers <img src="/images/sad.gif" height=14 width=14><br /><br />I am aware of the black and red stars on the back for the first I believe 80 cards, but will that have much of an impact on commons in these grades?<br /><br />Is there a good site that goes into depth about this set?<br /><br />Lastly, do you feel that would be a more then a $5-15 price difference between a SGC or PSA 1952 topps common in mid grade?<br /><br />I would guess there is a lot more 52 Topps cards in PSA holders but is this a specific set that is greatly impacted by the PSA registry?<br /><br />Thanks in advance for the help and direction.<br /><br /><br />James Gallo <br><br>Looking for 1915 Cracker Jacks and 1909-11 American Caramel E90-1.

11-14-2007, 04:37 AM
Posted By: <b>dennis</b><p>imo, if grading go w/psa. it's a popular set and people trust psa,not to mention the registry. the anti psa people usually are prewar collectors. i don't see much price difference for the low # back variations in lower grades. i don't think it's worth grading the lower grade commons. hall of famers and star players (mid high #'s) would probably be worth it to grade.

11-14-2007, 07:19 AM
Posted By: <b>Al</b><p>The first 80 can be found with backs printed in red or black.The Sain and Page cards (48 and 49) have a variation in which the bio info on the back of the cards is reveresed. Since the errors appear in black back only, that was probably the intiaial run. Perhaps when they corrected that error is when they also shifted to red print. My experience is the black backs are more scarce, and carry a premium that seems to have varied and, to me, dimisnished some. <br /><br />You mentioned stars, card 307 Campos, can be found with one red and one black star on the back, as opposed to two red stars. It carries a big premium. I think there is a good one currently in the Goodwin auction

12-01-2007, 09:11 PM
Posted By: <b>James Gallo</b><p>So I picked up about 190+ of these cards. There are some minor stars but I am looking for more information on anything that might carry a premium that may not be listed in the books.<br /><br />Any low pop cards or high demand commons.<br /><br />Do the semi-high number cards carry any premium?<br /><br />What is a good price range for PSA 3-4 commons with black backs and otherwise?<br /><br />Just want to get an idea of what they should bring. I see prices all over the map on ebay.<br /><br />SMR says the red back get a 15-20% premium but i have heard that the black backs are rarer. Will it just not matter in grades between 3-5?<br /><br />Any help would be great. Thanks<br /><br />James G<br><br>Looking for 1915 Cracker Jacks and 1909-11 American Caramel E90-1.

12-04-2007, 09:16 PM
Posted By: <b>Bill</b><p>James,<br /> I picked up a collection of about 200 cards from the '52 Topps set and broke it up selling each card individually on ebay. Each card was raw in about EX condition, a few lesser. With the commons I didn't see much, if any, difference in the ending prices of black or red backs. This was approximately 5 years ago.<br><br>Change your socks, drink water, and drive on.