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09-25-2007, 12:07 PM
Posted By: <b>Chris Counts</b><p>With all the talk about set registries, grading companies and the eternal search for the perfect untouched card, I couldn't resist a thread about tape-stained cards. I would have put it on the main thread, but the reality is that most tape-stained cards come from the 1950s, and I am not feeling in the mood to be berated by the pre-WWII crowd for an off-topic post.<br /><br />Some of my favorite cards have tape stains on them. In fact, because tape was often used to afix the cards to scrapbooks, the tape inadvertantly kept the cards in great shape. When the tape eventually deteriorated, the cards were left with just a stain. And the "armpit" collector, like myself, is left with a nice, sharp-cornered old card that can be had for a great price ...<br /><br /><img src="http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e278/ccmcnutt/55aaron.jpg">

09-25-2007, 08:31 PM
Posted By: <b>Paul S</b><p><img src="http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z26/pspec/Bond_Bread_47_DiMaggio.jpg">

09-25-2007, 08:41 PM
Posted By: <b>Phil Garry</b><p><img src="http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s120/bcbgcbrcb/RobinsonJackie-1.jpg">

09-26-2007, 07:03 PM
Posted By: <b>Rich Klein</b><p>In the first year or so of the late lamented Baseball Hobby News (BHN); Bobby Brendler wrote a hilarious article about the "beater" of the year.<br /><br />If you ever see that article --- you will all enjoy it -- with the exception of Jim C. <img src="/images/happy.gif" height=14 width=14><br /><br />Rich

09-26-2007, 07:43 PM
Posted By: <b>Ted Zanidakis</b><p>PAUL S<br /><br />It looks like your Joe D. in a graded holder ?<br /><br />I thought the ROUNDED Bond Bread cards were not being graded, although these cards are the real originals ?<br />Yet the SQUARE ones are being graded and identified as a "1947 issue"; but they are definitely not a 1947 issue.<br /><br />And, no one seems to know when they were issued ?<br /><br />TED Z

09-26-2007, 11:32 PM
Posted By: <b>Paul S</b><p><b>Ted</b><br /><br />It's raw, but I can see why you'd think so. It's in a poly sleeve, and I use a black foam backing when I scan. Close cropped I guess the whole thing gives that SGC illusion<br /><br />Paul S